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Species of this Genus


Aquatic or terrestrial, prostrate to ascending, unarmed herbs. Leaves bipinnate with persistent stipules, pinnae without gland, leaflets small, opposite, sensitive. Inflorescence globose to ellipsoid, pedunculate heads, solitary and axillary. Flowers in upper part of head bisexual, lower with male or neuter flowers with ± elongate staminodes. Calyx campanulate, 5-toothed. Petals 5, strap-shaped, free or ± united. Stamens 5 or 10, all fertile in bisexual flowers, anthers glandular at apex, glabrous, sterile stamens 5 or 10, petaloid, yellow. Ovary stipitate, many-ovuled, styles filiform, stigmas club-shaped. Pods clustered, flattened, not contorted or spirally coiled, dehiscent. Seeds oblong-ellipsoid, brown with pleurogram.