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Shrubs or trees. Leaves paripinnate, leaflets with a gland at the base of midrib beneath, foliage often drooping. Inflorescence axillary or terminal, sessile, mostly nodding capitate. Bracts and bracteoles present. Hypanthium tubular. Flowers coloured, showy, bisexual. Individual flowers with coloured bracts and bracteoles, and spathe formed by the joint of the bracteoles. Calyx 4- or 5-lobed, petaloid, imbricate. Corolla tubular, petals 4 or 5, slightly unequal, zygomorphic, imbricate, clawed. Stamens 10-15, jointed at the base to form a short tube, rarely free. Ovary stipitate, many-ovuled, style filiform, stigma capitate. Fruits a pod, oblong, compressed, woody, dehiscent into 2 twisted valves, 1-9 seeded. Seeds irregular in shape, tightly packed together when mature.