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Mostly trees. Leaves spirally arranged, paripinnately compound. Flowers yellow, pink or red, mostly showy, corolla zygomorphic. Petals 5, free, sub-isomorphic, lower most larger. Stamens10, 3 longest abaxial filaments sigmoidally incurved and remaining 7 filaments straight. Fruits cylindrical, woody, indehiscent, transversely septate, pulpy or pithy within. Seeds dorsiventrally compressed, funicle filiform, surfaces smooth, without areoles.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Flowers yellow in long racemes; bracts very small, fall off long before flowers appear C. fistula
1b. Flowers pink or red, fading to orange; bracts persistent still flower opens 2
2a. Filaments swollen in the middle; flowers pink in short corymbs C. nodosa
2b. Filaments not swollen in the middle 3
3a. Filaments deep pink to terracotta red; leaflets unequal sided, emarginated and apiculate at tip C. roxburghii
3b. Flowers first red, later on pink, finally orange; leaflets oblong C. grandis