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Species of this Genus


Woody climbers or scandent shrubs, armed. Leaves alternate, unifoliolate, petioles pulvinoid. Flowers axillary, fascicled or solitary, fragrant. Calyx cupular, 4-5 lobed. Petals 4-5, imbricate, white. Stamens 8 or 10, alternately shorter and longer. Ovary on a distinct gynophore, 3-5 locular, each locule 1-2 ovuled. Fruit a berry, subglobose, ellipsoid to pyriform, entire or obscurely lobed or sometimes furrowed, obtuse or apiculate at apex, yellowish or orange to deep pinkish, 3-5 locular, 1-5 seeded. Seeds oblong, embedded in a mucilaginous substance.