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Epiphytic herbs or undershrubs; stem carrying pendulous roots at nodes. Leaves fleshy, orbicular, linear, elliptic, sometimes modified into pitchers. Flowers small, few, in sessile or subsessile cymes, solitary at nodes. Calyx lobes glandular within. Corolla white or purple, urceolate or campanulate, lobes small, valvate in buds. Coronal scales 5, adnate to the staminal column, thinly membranous, tips bifid or with 2 incurved lobes. Staminal column short, anthers with membranous tips. Pollinia erect, compressed with pellucid margin, solitary in anther sac. Stigma flat or conical. Follicles 2, narrowly fusiform.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Leaves all normal 2
1b. Leaves modified into pitchers D. major
2a. Leaves linear, elliptic or elliptic -lanceolate D. bengalensis
2b. Leaves orbicular D.nummularia