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Species : Equisetum diffusum Prodr. Fl. Nepal,: 19. 1825


Family : Equisetaceae


A small erect to semi-erect fern-allies. Whole plant is about 40 cm tall. Rhizome small creeping, subterranean, fibrous roots at the nodes, aerial stem  arise from the few nodes, diffused branches, branchlets up to 5-7, arranged in whorled,  at each node, internodes 4 cm long, ribs 6-8, sheaths loose, up to 1 cm long, linear, entire, fertile and sterile branches alike, branches sheaths distinctly furrowed. Strobilous terminal on the main stem or at the end of the branches. Strobili borne at the tip, stalked up to 2 cm long, Spore homosporous, round, reddish in colour. Ecology: Sandy banks of streams,rivers and marshy places. Use: Unknown.


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