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Species : Sansevieria roxburghiana Roem. & Schult. f. Syst. 7 : 357. 1829.

Genus : Sansevieria Thunb.



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An acaulescent, stout herb with a short, creeping rootstock. Leaves basal, up to 60 ? 15 cm, linear-oblong, base subterete, cartilagenous, sheaths equitant, short. Inflorescence a raceme or racemose, up  to 45 cm long, peduncle up to 20 cm long. Flowers suberect, bracteate, arranged in 2-4 on small tubercles on racemose rachis. Perianth tube 1.2-1.8 cm long, lobes 6, base tapering, apex obtuse. Stamens 6, inserted about the middle of the perianth, filaments filiform, anthers dorsifixed. Carpels 3, connate in a 3-celled ovary, ovules solitary, erect in each cell. Fruit a berry, membranous, globose, indehiscent. Seeds globose. Flowering and fruiting : July-October. Cultivated. Often found as an escape in the villages. Use : Ornamental and medicinal. The rootstock possesses tonic, expectorant, febrifuge and cardiac stimulant properties.