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Species : Sagittaria guayanensis Nov. Gen. Sp. 1: 250. 1816.

Genus : Sagittaria L.


Synonym(s) : Sagittaria guyanensis Fl. Brit. India 6: 561.1893;


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An annual scapigerous herb. Leaves 3-102-8 cm, entire, apex and basal lobes rounded, floating, petiole 7-45 cm long. Inflorescence a raceme, 6-40 cm long including the peduncle, peduncles and pedicels frequently hairy. Flowers greenish-white, lower whorls bisexual, upper ones male. Sepals c. 10 mm long, broadly ovate. Petals 12-18 mm long, ovate orbicular, white. Stamens 8-12 in bisexual flower and 6-10 in male flower. Achenes 3-4 mm long, ellipsoid, beaked with broadly toothed wings. Seeds c. 1.5 mm long, brown. Flowering  and fruiting : June-September. Along marshy places, ponds and ditches. Use : Fodder.


Chittagong and Chittagong Hill Tracts.