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Species : Sagittaria sagittifolia Sp. Pl. 2 : 993. 1753.

Genus : Sagittaria L.



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Scapigerous, aquatic herb, stoloniferous, stolons ending in tubers. Leaves hastate, terminal lobes 3.5-17.01.0-1.5 cm, acute or  obtuse, basal lobes 4.5-22.00.2-2.0 cm, finely acuminate, 4-5 nerved. Inflorescence a raceme, often with 1-2 branches at the lower nodes, 25-100 cm long including the peduncle, bracts elliptic. Flowers male in the upper whorl, female in the lower whorl. Sepals 3.0-6.0 2.5-4.0 mm, oblong. Petals 12-15 mm long, broadly obovate. Stamens many, carpels many, style straight or curved. Achenes obliquely obovate  with entire or subcrenate wings. Seeds pale brown. Flowering and fruiting: June-September. Shallow water ponds, beels and ditches. Use : Tubers are eaten as food.


Chittagong and Chittagong Hill Tracts.