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Species : Aloe vera Fl. India: 83. 1768.

Genus : Aloe L.



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A succulent, perennial, short-stemmed herb. Leaves radical in rosettes, up to c. 60 ? 8 cm, numerous, base truncate, narrow, lanceolate, margin spiny toothed, apex tapering, spine tipped. Inflorescence of elongated racemes, 30-40 ? 5-6 cm, peduncle stout. Flowers bisexual, with short pedicels, pedicels 5 mm long. Perianth segments 6, forming a straight or slightly curved tube up to 3 cm long, orange or red. Stamens 6, hypogynous, filaments 2.2-2.4 cm long, anthers dorsifixed. Ovary superior, 3-locular, ovules many per locule,  placentation axile, stigma obscurely lobed. Fruit an oblong capsule, up to c. 1.5 ? 1 cm. Flowering and fruiting: September-December. Dry habitats. Use: Planted as an oranamental, and grown as a medicinal plant. The mucilagenous juice of leaves is used in the treatment of constipation, peptic ulcers, diabetes and asthma.