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Species : Aglaonema commutatum Syn. Aroid.: 123.1856.

Genus : Aglaonema Schott

Family : ARACEAE


GKwU FRy, e?el?Rxex, wPinwir exi?r, Kv? cwiYZ Ae??vq f~kvqx-Da??M, 20-150 ?mwg j?^v| cvZv AvqZK?wZ-Dce??vKvi ?_?K ej?gvKvi, 10-30 ?mwg j?^v, Pg?er, msw?? `xN?vM?, ?Mvov wZh?K ?_?K ?MvjvKvi, c?v_wgK cvk?x?q wkiv eivei wP?wewP?, e??? 6-25 ?mwg j?^v, A?a?Kvsk e?vcx AveiYhy?| cy??web?vm ???wW?, ?z`?`?K, Pgmvgy?, Pgmv 3-7 ?mwg j?^v, nv?v meyR, c?e??? ?_?K Lv?Uv, g?ix`? 1-3 wU GK??, 4-20 ?mwg j?^v| cyscy??avix Ask 1.5-6.0 ?mwg j?^v| ??xcy??avix Ask 10-18 wU Mf?c? wewk?, 0.3-1.0 ?mwg j?^v| Mf?vkq wW?^vK?wZ ev Aa?-?MvjvKvi, 1-cևKv?xq, wW?^K GKj, Agivweb?vm g~jxq, A?avgyLx, Mf?`? Le?, cyi?, Mf?gy? PvKwZ m`?k, AeZj ?Kw?`?K| dj Dce??vKvi-wewW?^vKi, njy` ?_?K D??j jvj| dzj I dj aviY: Ryb-?m?ޤ^i| Avevm??j: SY?v wbKUeZx? eb| e?envi: ?kvfvea?K wn?m?e e?vcKfv?e mgv`?Z|


An erect, perennial herb, evergreen, stems decumbent at age, 20-150 cm tall.  Leaves oblong-elliptic to lanceolate, 10-30 cm long, coriaceous, shortly acuminate, base oblique to rounded, variegated along primary lateral veins, petiole 6-25 cm long, sheathing ? its length. Inlorescence a spadix, stipitate, free of spathe,  spathe 3-7 cm long, light green, shorter than the petiole, peduncle 1-3 together, 4-20 cm long.  Staminate portion 1.5-6.0 cm long. Pistillate portion with 10-18 pistils, 0.3-1.0 cm long. Ovary ovoid or sub-globose, 1-locular, ovule solitary, placentation basal, anatropous, stylar region short, thick, stigma discoid, centrally concave. Fruit ellipsoid-obovoid, turning yellow to bright red. Flowering and fruiting: June-September. Ecology:  Forests near streams. Use : Widely grown as an ornamental.