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Species : Phelegmariurus phlegmaria Preslia 36: 21. 1964.

Genus : PHELEGMARIURUS (Herter) Holub.

Family : Hypolepidaceae


Rhizome short covered with brown hairs, long rigid up to 50 cm long about 3 cm wide with stipe and fronds. Stipe with the fronds isodichotomously forked up to 4-5 times. Fronds lax, pendent, 1-5 cm apart, sessile, triangular ovate- lanceolate, up to 1.5 ? 0.5 cm, acuminate, entire, base broadly cuneate, sub-coriaceous, dark green, glabrous. Strobili up to 6. 0 ? 0.2 mm, slender, forked up to 4 times. Sporophylls opposite, decussate, appressed towards the distal part, spreading at the basal part, about 1.0 ? 1.5 mm, acute, entire. Sporangia at the axils of the sporophylls. Spore triangular, tri-lete, ash-grey in colour, foveolate. Ecology: Humas deposit old tree trunk. Use: Used as ornamental hanging pot plants.


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