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Species : Potamogeton crispus L., Sp. Pl. : 126. 1753.

Genus : Potamogeton


Vernacular Name(s) : Curly Pondweed (English);



An aquatic, perennial herb, submerged in fresh water, rhizome terete to slightly flattened, stem slender, compressed, usually dichotomously branched. Leaves sessile, broadly linear to narrowly oblong, 3-8 cm x 3-10 mm, 3-7 veined, margin mostly undulate or crispate, serrate, apex obtuse or rounded, stipules free. Inflorescence of spike, cylindrical, with 2-4 whorls of shortly distant opposite flowers, peduncles 14-65 cm long. Flowers 6-8, perianth c 1.5 mm long, broadly obovate. Carpels 4, shortly connate at base. Fruit of obliquely ovoid drupelets,  c 5 mm long, abaxial keel distinct, few toothed on lower ridge, beak slender. Flowering and fruiting: January-February. Ecology : Streams, lakes,  ponds,  ditches.