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Species : Agave americana Sp. Pl. : 323. 1753.

Genus : Agave L.



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A rhizomatous, large herb or undershrub, trunk short, stout. Leaves usually 30-40 or more, forming massive basal rosette, 1-1.5 m long, widest about the middle, oblong-lanceolate, stout, glaucous, tip recurved, marginal prickles dark brown, mostly pointing downwards. Inflorescence a scape with 5-8 m high panicle, many branched, primary branches almost horizontal. Flowers in fascicles, pale yellow. Perianth-tube 1.2 cm long, greenish-yellow, lobes ovate- lanceolate, 2.5-3.0 cm long, subequal. Stamens 6, adnate to base of perianth lobes. Carpels 3, united, ovary trilocular, globose, inferior, ovules many per locule, style conical, stigma 3-lobed.  Fruit a capsule, oblong. Seeds black, flattened. Flowering and fruiting:  July-October. Ecology : Cultivated in parks and gardens. Use: Planted as an ornamental plant. Used  in the production of syrup and sugar.

Chittagong, Chittagong Hill Tracts.