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Species : Agave cantula Fl. Ind. 2 : 167.1832.

Genus : Agave L.



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A perennial, rhizomatous undershrub, scapigerous, stems woody, short or absent. Leaves c. 1 m x 6 cm, linear, in lax rosette, recurved, greyish-green, terminal spine 1.0-1.5 cm long, marginal spines falcate, very sharp, pointing forward, reddish or dark-brown. Inflorescence a panicle, large, erect, scape 3-4 m long. Flowers greenish in terminal umbels, emerging from horizontal branchings of inflorescence, bracts 15-20 mm long, ovate, tinged red, margins scarious, perianth funnel-shaped, constricted, segmnents 6. Stamens 6, adnate to  perianth-lobes, filaments yellow, exserted. Carpels 3, united, ovary trilocular, ovules numerous, style conical, stigma 3-lobed. Fruit usually a capsule, globose. Seeds black, compressed, numerous. Flowering and fruiting: July-October. Ecology :  Planted in homesteads, parks and gardens. Use: Ornamental.

Chittagong, Chittagong Hill Tracts.